Mad Max - Good Story

May 17

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5/17/2015 5:47 PM  RssIcon

I just had a chance to see the latest Mad Max movie. It is basically a long series of action sequences. The reason it works, in my opinion, is that they have a strong story, rather than action sequences that are mindless plot.

Each event had a reason, goal, and clear motivation. You never lose the flow of the overall story. They also do an excellent job of pushing all backstory deep into the story, and even then, they give you the barest amount of information and allow you to fill in the blanks with your imagination. For example at one point they are going to “the green area”. They don’t bother to explain how they know where this is at all until 30 minutes later and then there is a short 30 second exchange when one character basically says they were born there. And that is it, period... and it actually works.

I have been trying to trim my backstory in my stories and now I am going to cut it even tighter. Basically unless it is needed in the story I’m going to cut it. If a character grew up poor I am just going to say, they grew up poor and let you fill it in with your imagination. No need to tell you exactly how poor unless I am going to bring the old lady that fed my character in the afternoons back into the present story.