By Admin on 9/20/2015 8:22 AM
I wanted to jot down some notes on my current writing style. I believe that writing style is important. When I read older works by great authors, it is hard to get through them because the writing style, that was common at the time they were written, gets in the way of my enjoyment.

I decided to give my style a name. I call it “Stark Style”.

[Note: I reserve the right to adjust this at any time ]

No back story (or as little as possible)

This is the most important element of Stark Style. Backstory, in this context, is anything about any element of the story that conveys information to provide a better understanding of the element… outside of the main narrative. Backstory interrupts the main narrative because it steps outside of it. This is always a bad thing because it pulls the reader out of the story. Any important information that I want to reveal is best done through dialogue or as a flashback (I plan to cover flashbacks in another post. In my thinking they take over the main narrative...